Welcome to my first plant sale online!

This online offering of herbs is more of response to social distancing than a project planned last fall. Usually I sell at regional events in the spring, but since those are cancelled, I decided to do an online sale. Plants will be ready for sale pulsing throughout the spring, so please check back every week or so to see what is available. Special plants in demand at this time may not be ready until June, like Baikal Skullcap, Red Sage, Echinacea and Boneset. These are all perennial, so they will be well established this year for future harvest.

I have been growing herbs since 1982, or are they cultivating me to grow them? I am born to connect you to Nature, however I can do that best, so I hope you find the inspiration and joy I do with these plants you include in your gardens.
Thank you for understanding this later than ideal timing.

From the Organic Farmer of the Year! Jane Hawley Stevens

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