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Four Elements Organic Field Day Was a Big Success!

Check out the videos below to see what you missed. Field Day attendees received tours of Jane's enchanting Chakra garden and learned all about organic Medicinal Herb Production at the Four Elements Farm.


Gardening by the Moon

Learn the basics of this ancient agricultural practice of when to most effectively plant, weed and harvest. Are you open to receiving information how the planets could affect all aspects of life including when to make sauerkraut or clean the garden shed? Improve results of planting, harvesting and weeding by letting Natures natural rhythms assist you. See how the moon can influence all aspects of life by tuning in. This class can assist the open minded to “go with the flow!”


Adding Value Added Products to Enhance Your Cashflow

Have you decided to add value to your crop by creating a product? We will discuss when to try farmers markets and eventually, when is the right time to approach a distributor. Why would you want this service and what are the benefits and drawbacks. Jane has been producing value added products, since 1988, starting with local markets and eventually moving to distribution. She has lots to share about the evolution of marketing home made products.

The Chakra System Displayed in a Garden

Learn how plants connect to this ancient system of wellness. Jane Hawley Stevens has created a living classroom that teaches how plants can benefit different systems of the body through the lens of a garden. Her Chakra Garden has seven distinct areas that correspond with these energy centers, designed with plants that rejuvenate. This eastern philosophy is a fascinating system of healing and the garden design helps explain it.

Making herbal Cough Syrup

Get prepared for the unpleasant side effect of winter, the cold season. We will cover the various aspects of an effective cough syrup,and how to make a syrup which incorporates appropriate herbs. Herbs for this purpose and their constituents will be discussed in detail. Learn the terminology and herbs that address these common cold symptoms: anticatarrhals, antitussive, expectorants, and demulcents. Not to worry- no test will follow, but you will gain insight into making your own herbal remedies that suit your family’s needs.

Grow Your Own Medicinals

Medicinal herbs are all around us and many are so easy to grow in gardens or in a pot. Learn which herbs offer many essential healing qualities without much effort. You can enrich your life and create well being starting with just curiosity held in Nature. Jane will share her knowledge gained over three decades of growing and creating herbal wellness.

Herbal Teas – A Simple Step toward Wellness

Have you ever tried an herbal tea to balance the response to your day? The flavors and aromas, as well as health benefits can be right there under your nose! The most traditional way to have herbal remedies is an herbal infusion, commonly known as herbal tea. Join Jane Hawley Stevens, Wisconsin herbalist, to learn how certain herbal beverages can increase your wellbeing.

Uncommon Healing Herbs

Often herbs from the other side of the planet get all the press while plants we step on or cut away have potent qualities we should notice! Some uncommon and underutilized plants will be discussed, covering their medicinal uses, cultivation and how to use them. Nature has many secrets we want to discover to live a balanced life.

Medicinal Herb Cultivation in the Midwest

Herb sales have been rising steadily with a 19% increase in 2018.

With this increased demand for medicinal herbs, more growers will be needed. Learn which of the hottest herbs in the marketplace and how to cultivate them. We will discuss propagation, cultivation, including drying methods.

We will also discuss herbs with future potential.

Four Elements produces over 80 species of medicinal herbs on under five acres totaling over 1500 pounds of dried herbs. Four Elements still grows the herbs used in their tinctures, teas, creams,, salves and other herbal products, making high quality and effective herbalism available to health food stores and grocery isles in the Midwest and beyond.

Herbal Wellness From Field to Function

Transparency is a hot topic for herbal products today.

See how Four Elements Organic Herbals manages the methods of growing herbs, harvesting, drying, processing, and production on the 130 acre certified organic herb farm in Wisconsin. Unique blends develop from this vantage point of thirty plus years in the field. Jane will tell stories of combining experience, tradition and inspiration to create effective wellness products.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Look deeply into Nature to discover its secrets. The Doctrine of Signatures is an ancient system of observation to discover the uses of plants.

In every era, the doctrine has had its skeptics. While plants have a cornucopia of medicinal properties, historically assigned signatures are fascinating, at least, but these observations make useful and memorable connections, uncovering plants uses. Let’s see what plant wisdom we can discover in this class!

Tincture Making Workshop

There are hundreds of plants that have been traditionally used for healing growing throughout this region. Come and learn how to identify some of these botanical wonders and how to capture their medicine for use throughout the seasons.

Empower yourself with Herbs for Health and Stamina

There are many choices we face each day, which affect our wellbeing. Choosing herbs as our ally can relieve everyday ailments and support our bodies systems, from the heart to the muscles and veins. Learn how to utilize and apply these simple but effective remedies from Jane Hawley Stevens, who has specialized in growing, formulating and utilizing these healing plants since 1982.

The Herbal Spa

The skin is our largest organ and we often forget about its care. Spend an evening learning about many natural ingredients that enhance the skin’s wellness and beauty.

Plants vary in their characteristics from soothing to astringent. See which would enhance your skin type.

We will make a masque and try various creams made from herbs. This is a great class for a women’s gathering, birthday party for teens and the wiser ones!

Herbal Nervines – Simple Stress Relief We Can All Use

Herbal Nervines are here to help us through life’s stressors and difficulties. Let’s spend some time exploring the various herbs that support the nervous system. We will cover tonic, sedative, anti-spasmodic and nerve relaxants. Various teas and tinctures will be served, so be prepared to relax!

Herbs for the Immune System and Winter Wellness

People who take herbs to support their immune system are sick for a fraction of the time as others or dodge the illness entirely. Explore the various options Nature offers to support and enhance your immune system designed to keep you well. We will cover herbs from near and far that make a difference as navigate our long dark winters and enjoy a cup of warm herbal tea in class!

Violet Workshop

Our glorious but humble state flower of Wisconsin, the violet, will be featured in this workshop. Violets have been used historically for various conditions. See for yourself what this plant has to offer. We will make Violet Syrup and be wowed by the gorgeous color captured!

Rose Workshop

This plant, known for its beauty has so much more to offer for our wellbeing. Spend an evening with the plant that connects heaven to earth, the Rose. We will create a rose product and memory for you to carry the experience with you!

The Alchemy and Brilliance of St. John’s Wort

This naturalized European native plant, St. John’s wort, has been used for centuries both internally and externally. The preparations of these flowers hold a fascinating discovery. Bring out your inner alchemist and join us for this multidimensional class for your inner and outer wellbeing.

Sage and Other Memory Herbs

Did you know by age 65, 1 in 8 Americans will suffer from severe cognitive decline, and by age 80, an astonishing 1 in 2 will. Powerful yet mysterious herbs dressed in hues of green, and enchanting textures offer remedies to improve and sharpen the function of the brain. It will be worth your small investment to incorporate this knowledge into your lifestyle.

Bitters – Balancing the Seat of Health

Herbal bitters are gaining popularity as we see our cultures digestion crashing. This simple means with simple plants can assist not only the digestion process, but also the assimilation of the vitamins and minerals in your foods. In China, the liver is considered the “Seat of Health” but here it is practically hidden in our vocabulary. Let’s see which herbs can make our liver and skin shine!

Herbal Formulation for Increased Wellness Series

Jane Hawley Stevens

Herbal Medicine is the “people’s medicine”. These simple, effective and empowering preparations can make a difference in your overall wellbeing and constitution. This class will put the student in the patient as well as practitioners role.

  • Part 1. Traditional Diagnostic Tools

Learn from several traditions how to diagnose yourself constitutionally and for acute situations. We will cover Ayurvedic doshas, tongue diagnostics, astrology and clues in acute situations how to fine-tune your remedy unique to your body type.

  • Part 2. Learn to Make Infusions, Decoctions, Percolation and Tinctures

Learn how to make liquid extracts from herbs. Which is the best method for you and your remedy? Create herbal remedies for everyday or more serious concerns.

  • Part 3. Learn to Make Syrups, Elixirs, Lozenges and Capsules.

We will cover different extraction methods that can serve you and your family throughout the seasons. Discover how to make herbal cough syrup and lozenges. You can save lots of money by learning the simple method of making herbal capsules in this class.

  • Part 4. Making Herbal Salves, Liniments, Oils, Sprays and Baths

Every home, medicine chest, first aid kit and gym bag should carry a herbal salve. Which blend is right for you? Learn how to custom make remedies which can soothe you along your path in life.

  • Part 5. Home Remedies for Everyday Ailments

Herbs are all around us to support us on our way. There is a herbal remedy for almost everything under the sun! Come and learn which herbs to use in your personal first aid kit.


Garden Design to Create Your Healing Sanctuary

We need to connect with that which sustains us, and tune into our inner guidance for clarity and wellbeing. A garden can be designed to help accomplish these goals.

Learn the basics of designing a garden, site selection, soil preparation, and the variations between formal and informal gardening. Theme garden designs are suggested.This class expands the mind to engage the senses for creating a space to spark creativity, gratitude and reciprocity.


Nature, Your Partner in Wellness

Nature offers more healing potential than anyone can imagine, both obvious and discrete, within our surroundings. You can improve your health and save money and by growing or utilizing a few herbs. Common herbs and vegetables have amazing healing potential. Jane Hawley Stevens will discuss ways to incorporate herbs into your lifestyle to improve your health and wellbeing, honoring Nature as your ally.