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Do You Know Where Your Herbs Come From?

Four Elements Organic Herbals starts your herbal wellness from seed.

Curiosity of Natural remedies revealed that what was growing in Jane’s gardens would help her children more than when she went to the doctor. From there, Four Elements organic Herbals developed a complete herbal wellness line, established in 1987. Specializing in herbs since 1982, Jane has been growing and using these effective plants, grown in the Pristine Baraboo Bluffs of Wisconsin on her and husband David's 130 acre certified organic farm. They have been certified organic since 1990 and take great care to cultivate sustainably offering organic matter to the soil every year, which gives them food, herbs, beauty, and fresh air.

These herbs are planted and harvested according to the moon’s cycles, adding to their potency. These effective products are made in small batches with recipes based on Jane’s decades of herbal wisdom.

“Germinating seeds, plant propagation and connecting people to health in the natural world through my products and teaching are the favorite parts of my job.” says Jane. Click on the education tab to see what topics and classes Jane offers.

Four Elements— Cultivating Nature’s Wisdom

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Jane Hawley Stevens of Four Elements

Meet Our Founder

Jane Hawley Stevens began specializing in herbs in 1981 after earning her Horticulture degree from U.W. Madison. Opportunities in herb garden design evolved into using herbs in cooking and home remedies. In 1987 she began Four Elements Organic Herbals, continuing to grow herbs used for wellbeing. Grown and harvested on her 130-acre farm in the Baraboo Bluff of Wisconsin, products are handmade by dedicated local women and sold throughout the country.

A pioneer in organic farming and the natural product industry, Jane has taken her love and reverence for nature to inspire others through her effective products and teaching at organic herb, garden and professional events. Her desire is to connect people consciously to that which sustains them.

Her art and science of herbal wellness has expanded to create Four Elements Herbals product line that sells across the country.

Jane Hawley Stevens and David Stevens of Four Elements

2020 Organic Farmers of The Year

Jane and her husband, David Stevens, are the MOSES Organic Farmers of the Year. It’s immediately apparent that they are deeply passionate about the work they do. Jane and David own Four Elements Organic Herbals, a 130-acre farm in North Freedom, Wisconsin, about an hour northwest of Madison. They have been growing organic herbs and marketing herbal products for the past 32 years. They’re committed to good stewardship of their land, quality of life for their employees, and improved health for their customers.”… Read More at MOSES Organic Broadcaster